We all know movies are inspirational and have also become a form of self-expression, some are exposé, some aim to be a historical retelling, some are considered art. Mostly, however, movies are considered entertainment and escapism. But did you know they could be a source of motivation as well?

The Written Word
Books are some of the best sources of knowledge. There’s something about reading and absorbing, even getting lost in a book that cannot be replicated. It’s even transcendental at times.

I’ve read many books in my life, fictional works such as sci-fi, fantasy, mystery and non-fiction such as biographies as well as leadership & business books which have radically changed my views on the world forever. Books have a profound effect on me. The same however has happened with Movies.

Visual Stimulation
It’s something very dear to me and though books have their place in my heart, movies carry just as much weight in the development and evolution of my life.

So how could a form of entertainment be motivational? Simple. To act on one’s motives, one must first visualize one steps forward, so what else is better than a movie? A sort of visual stimulus to help conceptualize goals we may have.

Let me elaborate some more. Movies are plot-based, therefore they have a beginning, middle and end. Movies present scenarios and usually tend to complete the scenario(s) so you, the viewer, are able to witness the possible outcome and somehow get some gratification from it. Ever watched a really good movie and felt like you’ve lived the life of the movie? If you empathize with the movie, this can then inspire you.

With this source of inspiration whether it be the plot, characters and visuals or in my case, all three, we can become motivated by them, thus our newfound stimulation is found.

Movies Push Us
Because movies tap into some of our sensory nervous system they can be a great source of motivation. This applies to all movies in some way or the other.

Movies tend to carry weight in our minds. Comedy makes us feel light, Horror makes us uneasy, Drama gets us emotional. The point is movies affect us more than we’d like to admit. Which is why it’s very important to be aware of the types of movies we consume and how many of one genre you do.

If the right movies can inspire or motivate, then wrong movies can kill motivation and inspiration just as much. They are much easier to consume than lengthy books and more gratifying than speeches, which make them almost unparalleled sources of motivation. Use them wisely.

Sometimes we fall in love with a character or the plot in a movie. We empathize with, and seek to know more about either and if you’re like me, you may even research the character or plot, after the movie. Maybe to understand more, maybe out of sheer curiosity.

Mostly movies “based on true stories/events” are the ones we cherish since it gives us insight into something we may never experience ourselves. It educates us on a certain level, although I know some school teachers would beg to differ.

Movies Evolution, Your Evolution
Movies have evolved from mere experimental moving pictures to emotion invoking experiences that drive the world forward in many ways. Many people still disregard the impact movies have on us and write them off as time-wasters or otherwise. They are much more than that. I encourage you to see movies in a different light an to not feel guilty for consuming them.

Use them as not only escapism or just inspiration, but as motivational media much like you would a book. Books will always remain the number one source of knowledge and otherwise, but movies are just as important for development and evolution of our lives.

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